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Monday, December 15, 2008


This Sunday in Advent we light the candle of joy. Below is a fitting devotional I received via email:

SONGS OF REJOICING (from God at Eventide, December 14)

You must pray about all you plan to meet. Pray that you may leave them the braver, better, and happier for having seen and talked with you.

Life is so serious, let nothing turn you from your desire to serve and help. Realize all you are able to accomplish in your moments of highest prayer and service, and then think that, were your desire as intense always what could you not accomplish?

Rejoice in Me. The Joy of the Lord must indeed be your strength. You must step aside, and wait until the Joy floods all your being if you wish to serve.

Let Joy keep your hearts and minds lifted above frets and cares. If you want the walls of the city to fall down, you must go round it with songs of rejoicing.


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