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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A few months ago the Director of Donor Relations at Bethany College (Hepburn, SK) contacted me to ask permission to reprint from my blog post about Margaret Epp in their newsletter. I asked for a copy of the publication and kind of forgot about it ... until this week when it arrived in the mail. Interestingly, my byline is not my name, but my blog URL! "The following is reprinted, with permission, from" Seems a little strange ... yet ... I'm not going to complain if this little article drives traffic to my blog! :)

Note: He had found me through a Google search!

A few weeks ago another publication arrived in the mail: God With Us, Always. The Barnes and Noble description says, "Members of the Regent College Community far and wide gather together in this volume to offer their reflections on the hopes, promises and fulfillments of the Advent season." The slim volume is organized with the same writer giving a morning and evening reflection on one passage of Scripture for each day. My meditations are on December 5th, Psalm 114.

It's a lovely way to "let every heart prepare him room."

Order it here.

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