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Friday, July 30, 2004

Overdid it ...

Golfed yesterday--the first 9 at the Spiritwood Golf Club. A couple of my uncles have shares in it, and Aunt Linda & Uncle Glenn Pilling have a bed & breakfast next door. It's called Inn on the 10th ... because that's where it is. You might want to spend some vacation time there!

My personal par must have been 10. My forearms ached so bad I could hardly do anything with them until late this morning! Oh, I'm so tender, you know. Maybe I should golf more than once every two years. Will golf again in the Bowes family tournament on Sunday, after sufficient recovery time. Actually, my friend Kim, who golfed with me, said she was surprised at how athletic I was. Sure, athletic ability is not as much of a problem as athletic condition. Last week I dogsat for friends in Caronport and walking every evening was inspiring. Cats just don't inspire that kind of activity. When I do Pilates on the living room floor, my cats tend to lay down underneath me. They were slugs in another life.

Discipline is key, I hear. Discipline ... I think I'll discipline myself to get some sleep and see what kind of exercise I can come up with tomorrow. Dad says I should walk my brother's dogs. That's a great idea ... I'll let you know how it goes.


P.S. We had a couple of terrific storms today and lots of impressive thunder. Nobody was very impressed by the hail around 7:30, though. But afterwards, everything was so calm and pretty. Strange summer, all the rainy cold days.
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Monday, July 26, 2004

One of the Best Ones

Guess I'd get along without you
If I had no choice
It's taken me this long to find you

Done a lot of getting ready for this
Some things we learn so slow
But look at you, you've got plenty behind you

There's lots of ways to hit the ground
Not many answers to be found
We're faced with mysteries profound
And this is one of the best ones

~~Bruce Cockburn, "One of the Best Ones"

I was in Edmonton this weekend for a wedding of two dear friends, I was in Edmonton this weekend for a wedding of two dear friends, Rachel & Logan. They are now, as Rachel announced at the reception, VERY married. It's so good. Rachel mentioned that she and I prayed together the day after they started dating and God gave her a picture of a big blanket covering their relationship. The blanket was love--not their own love, but God's love, and it was big enough to cover everything, including their failures and weaknesses. Indeed, "the way of a man with a maid" is a profound mystery--and one of the best ones.

Speaking of coverings, on Sunday morning I attended an Edmonton church plant called The Canopy.
It's part of the North American Baptist Conference with a huge Vineyard influence. I felt so at home. God did good things for one of the friends I attended with. I always marvel at how God moves and speaks and feel so honoured to be present for it. My good friend Brad Jersak will be teaching there on the second weekend of November. How can a Methodist feel so at home in a Baptist/Vineyard church? I can only explain it by affirming what Brad says on his website: "Right now, every stream of Christianity is hungry for God's voice ..." I am hungry, too, and whenever I am with others who are feasting at God's table, there is a connection. There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and in all and through all (Ephesians 4) ... we may have some differences, but the similarities are more important.

Mystified and hungry,


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