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Friday, August 29, 2008

new Hockey Night in Canada theme

Hello all,
My former colleague, Derek From, has an entry in the contest to write the new theme for Hockey Night in Canada.
Derek engineered and played on my CD. But that's not why I gave his entry a strong vote. I believe this song has the energy and urgency that the HNiC theme needs. It also has a variety of sound bytes that should appeal to all levels of HNiC production: intros, outros, playbacks, interviews, etc. It hooks the listener immediately and builds anticipation.

I rated it highly and I hope you will, too!

p.s. He's a grad of Caronport High School and Briercrest College ...

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a working vacation

I'm in Seattle right now. Friends Dave & Chelle invited me here to do some concerts in celebration of their return from Ph.D. studies in Scotland. They've given me their spacious, gorgeous basement suite (former b&b) for the entire 11 night stay, complete with a library of BBC videos, mainly Jane Austen. Yummy.

My first concert was on Saturday afternoon. It was small (6 guests) but cosy and people were willing to sing along. Unfortunately, I started feeling ill not long after the concert ended and spent the next 36 hours attending to bodily functions, sleeping, and subsisting on broth and ginger ale, cable television, and Jane Austen videos.

But I'm feeling much better today (if only the heartburn would go away). Since Chelle has a new teaching contract with Mars Hill Graduate School, she is doing a lot of course prep, so I'm working on my own projects, which include layout for a theatre festival booklet, ghostwriting a book about the founder of Servants Anonymous Foundation (, and composing a song or two. But now ... I must leave the Mars Hill library to drink some famous Seattle coffee, take a tour of Pike Place Market, and browse at Lark in the Morning!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Aim Lower

"Aim Lower -- World Congress" has been developed by Logosdor, a small non-profit creative arts organization in Australia seeking to serve the needs of children worldwide. This video has been produced as a completely free tool to help churches, leaders and organizations communicate why it is vital to focus on children and highlight practical ways of helping.

Download your own copy at

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seattle concerts

My friends Dave & Chelle have organized four concerts for me in Seattle. below is an edited version of the invitation Chelle sent out. If you’re interested in more details, look for the events on my Facebook page or contact me here.


Hello Everyone!!

You are invited to one or more concerts that are coming up in the next couple of weeks. The concerts are in celebration of our re-settling in Seattle! We just bought a house, Dave has a job, and I (Chelle) just got offered an interim position at Mars Hill Graduate School (a one-year position). It is good to be in Seattle!! Come celebrate with us.

The artist:

Colleen Taylor is a folk musician from Saskatchewan, a true prairie-girl. She is a good friend from my Regent days. She is a born story-teller and poet, and loves to collect small histories, which comes out in her songs. She is a musician that is just as comfortable on the piano as on the guitar, and she loves to collaborate musically with others. This concert will be half listening half participating. Bring your voice and instruments so that you can sing and play along!

Here is a link to her website. You can learn a little more about her and listen to some of her songs:

Please invite others along! And please RSVP for the concerts!!! That way we can plan for numbers. If you want to add a concert to the schedule, we can also do that. Colleen can come and do a concert at YOUR house. (So far there are no concerts in the South end.) J

I look forward to seeing you all!

Peace, Chelle

Here is the concert schedule:

Saturday August 23rd @ 1:30PM (light refreshments) Bothell, WA

Wednesday evening August 27th @ 7PM (post-dinner) Bellevue, WA

Saturday August 30th @ ??? (This one is still in flux!) Duvall, WA

Monday September 1st @ 1:30PM (light refreshments, which could turn into dinner for anyone interested). Dave and Chelle’s house, Seattle, WA


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Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry/Get Away

So I had a little craving to listen to Chicago. With not enough iTunes credit to buy something, I turned to YouTube and found this little gem. I loved the transition between songs -- the lighting, the musical connection -- and reveled in the artistry when the brass section kicked in on "Get Away." What was the trombone player doing before "Get Away"? He seemed to move places on stage.

But the best part is the variety of 80s apparel and the complete lack of attempt to coordinate appearances. Notice a crazy green Hawaiian-style shirt, leather jackets, leather pants, a striped red polo shirt (or is that fuschia?), stonewashed jeans (or are they white leather?), sport jackets, ties, beards, slicked back hair, and more! Was the trombone player wearing a leather cumberbund????


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Thursday, August 07, 2008

adventures in getting home

The newspaper closes for two weeks in the summer, so I packed them full of fun: helping with teens at family camp, home for two nights, then Caronport, then Spiritwood.

Then the adventure of getting home. Tuesday evening I visited my friend Janina in Saskatoon, left her place around 9:30, and had a flat tire just outside Saskatoon.

Fortunately, I had CAA, so a guy came and changed my tire. Unfortunately, he didn’t wait around, my hazard lights had drained the battery, and I had to flag down a passerby.  

Used Canadian Tire’s Quick Start drop-off feature, and stayed overnight at Janina’s – to the surprised delight of her 8 year old twin girls.

The car was ready by noon the next day – with four brand new tires! Fortunately, it cost less than I expected.

Headed road home again, still within city limits, a knocking sound started under the hood. Another call to CAA. (After nearly a year and a trip to BC, I hadn’t needed it until now!) This tow truck driver, Allen, was very gentlemanly and protective. He suspected the worst – trashed motor. I felt absolutely sick at this thought. He recommended a couple of good garages.

We drove and chatted. Allen was quite interested in Norwex. With his truck like a second home, keeping it clean is a priority! (Apparently, clean cabs are regular conversation for tow truck drivers.) So I gave Allen a Norwex catalogue, recommending the Car Package, Odor Eliminator, and Sportzyme spray. I let him try my Optic cloth, which impressed him. He may end up recommending Norwex to all of his tow truck buddies! My friend Melanie says I should set up for demos at truck stops.

Avalon Auto was backed up to next Thursday, yet the owner looked at my engine. Behold, a mere shredded fan belt! We were going to try Cal Tire, so I asked Allen, “Do you want to call first or just drive over?” Suddenly Avalon could get me in right away. Wow. I wasn’t even trying to pressure, just be efficient. My car was fixed in 30 minutes.

I was able to spend a few hours with Melanie before driving home.

About an hour from home when it became loudly clear that … I need a new MUFFLER!!! Arrrrrgh! This 1995 Chevrolet Geo Metro has been good to me, but its days may be numbered …

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

my brother teaching pottery

This spring my brother taught for a pottery project in the town of Raymore.
The project was funded by and ArtsSmart grant from the Saskatchewan Arts
Board (
I was browsing files in my computer and thought you might like to see a
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