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Monday, August 07, 2006

Melanie packs kitchen; Janina organizes

God knew exactly what I needed last week: my friend Melanie called from Saskatoon to say that her family's vacation plans had fallen through and she wanted to come spend some days with me. I reminded her that I would be packing and she exclaimed, "I'm really good at packing," and she IS. She organized me into a system labelling boxes for contents, with a sun symbol indicating storage and a happy face indicating for immediate use. She nearly single-handedly packed my entire kitchen. I don't need ANY of it: I'll be moving in with my downstairs neighbour, Michelle, after all of my stuff is moved, and since Michelle left for vacation on Thursday, I'm using her kitchen already. Perfect arrangement.

Tomorrow another friend is coming from Saskatoon to help with the packing: Janina with her 6 year old twin daughters. Janina read my "new season" post and determined that one of her needs is to organize (is that clerical?). With Michelle gone, Janina and the girls be able to sleep in that apartment and Janina won't even have to share a bed with one of the girls! :)

I am so blessed with good friends ...
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Team Stride takes third


Cyril Jay-Rayon, Jen Van Gorder and Sean Clancy continued DART'S reign over the Explore the West Series with another win at the Baja X-treme. With the win they take a commanding lead in the series points. Second in the series points is Team Baja led by Mayte Arenalde, and a close third is Canadian Team Stride with newcomer Claire Thompson (from SOLE Custom Footbeds in Canada) and Captain Tom Taylor.

WATCH FOR PICTURES, RESULTS and STORIES to be posted here soon.
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